Le Millésime, 25nd Annual Wine Tasting and Music Festival, Grenoble

5-20 October 2019: Franz Schubert & Savoie wines
For two weeks the region of Grenoble will hum to the rhythm of a program designed for wine and music aficionados, during a festival unique in France.

The events not to miss in 2019:
Starting from 29 September : Grenoble and surroundings
A selection of Savoie wines on the menu of the participating restaurants
5-20 October: Grenoble and surroundings
Wine tasting and musical events dedicated to Franz Schubert, Henry Purcell, Hector Berlioz, Jacques Offenbach, Benny Goodman, Art Blakey… Oenophile and culinary rendez-vous featuring wines from the land of Savoie but also from other French regions. Free access to a number of day-time musical performances.

You wouldn't want to miss Sunday the 6th of October, the extraordinary culinary and wine tasting hike to the Bastille aka "randonnée gourmande" ! with musical intervals, of course. The hike takes you through usually closed pathways - the way you have never seen this historical site before. Ideal for an office or family outing. Booking in advance necessary.
17-20 October:  Village Vigneron (Winegrowers’ village) Place Victor Hugo (downtown)
Wine tasting program: 60 wine tasting workshops proposing not only Savoie vintages but also presenting wineries from a variety of French regions such as Ardeche, Languedoc, Blaye, Burgundy, Châteauneuf-du-Pape as well as vineyards from other parts of the world.
Introductory tasting workshops for newcomers. Wine aroma and bouquet exhibition and educational activities around wine growing presented by Savoie.
Musical program:
30 concerts by renowned musicians from the Rhône-Alpes region (chamber music, jazz, world music...)
Wine market: 50 wineries from different French regions (Ardeche, Savoy, Corsica, Rhône Valley, Champagne, Alsace, Provence, Sud-Ouest, Loire, Châteauneuf-du-Pape...) and regional culinary products : foie gras, ravioles, cold cuts, cookies...
Meals available at the restaurant on site and in partnering restaurants in town.
Fun activities for children during the week-end.
With over 16 000 visitors expected, the festival Le Millésime brings together curious newcomers and devoted connoisseurs from all generations. Whether you come to chill out with your colleagues in the evening, to spend the day with your friends or the entire week-end with your family, you will enjoy the easy going and friendly atmosphere.

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